Dr. Deisher testifies on the connection between vaccines and rising rates of autism

Dr. Deisher explains that in 1988, human fetal cells began to be added to vaccines. Children who were born in that year were at the forefront of the autism epidemic that has grown until now it claims 1 in 50 children. Mad cow disease resulted from feeding cows meat from their own species. Interfering with nature, humans cannot possibly know all the results their actions will precipitate. A little humility surely could benefit us all.

Dr. Deisher testifies at the Minnesota House HHS Committee Hearing about vaccine safety. She presents research demonstrating a link between the rise in the rates of autism and the use of aborted fetal cells in the production of vaccines. Dr. Deisher is the president and founder of SoundChoice, a non-profit that works to provide safe vaccination alternatives. (Published on Dec 5, 2012)