MGM: A “Right” Parents Shouldn’t Have

The intensity of my grueling 35-hour-long labor is eclipsed by a joy beyond description.

I rest upright in the hospital bed and cradle my newborn son in my arms. He sleeps and I am transformed. His perfect, tiny features; his soft skin; his newness: All of this incomprehensibly catapults my being into a limitless love.

The room is quiet. My husband is out with my sister taking a walk. Peace descends. I watch my newborn son breathe.

Then, a nurse knocks on the door. “Hi. How are you? I have a few papers to go over with you before you go home,” she states, walking briskly into the room.

In America today, only one sex is protected from forced genital cutting. After all, that is what the circumcision of children is — forced. There is no way a minor can give informed or meaningful consent to the elective procedure.

“OK,” I slowly reply, struggling to shift my attention to hospital protocol.

The nurse pulls up a chair. She takes out her pen and the questions commence. Who is our pediatrician? Do we want to authorize a hepatitis B vaccine? Did the lactation consultant come by?

I watch her check off her to-do list. Then, without looking up at me, she asks, “Do you want to have your son circumcised?”

I look at my little boy, not even 12 hours old.

Do I want this nurse to take my newborn away from me, expose his privates, strap his arms and legs onto a “best-selling” circumstraint board and be witness to his agony while his foreskin is forcibly separated and cut from the glans of his penis?

My god.

I instinctively hold my son closer to my breast. I search the nurse’s face for any sign of emotion, any sense of the magnitude of her inquiry.

Yes, as the parent of a minor, I act as medical proxy. But this power isn’t unlimited. If my child were a girl, no American nurse would even think to ask such a question. But for boys?

While the cutting of boy genitals has yet to be criminalized, I firmly assert that I have no moral right to authorize this painful elective surgery — too often performed without anesthesia. Less than 20 years ago, 96 percent of circumcisions were performed without any pain relief at all.

A 1997 study set up to determine the effectiveness of anesthesia on circumcision was quickly terminated. Why? Those being cut without pain medication suffered far too much trauma. Today, pain medication — offering partial relief — is more common but still far from universally employed.

Even if the procedure were completely painless, who am I to sculpt and mold my son’s penis? Who am I to authorize the surgical removal of the most erogenous part of my son’s genitals for religious, cultural or aesthetic preferences? Outside of pressing medical need, authorizing the circumcision of boys or girls is not a “right” any parent should have.

I answer the nurse’s question with clarity: “No, absolutely not.”

She looks up at me. I look into her eyes. There is a pause. She softly smiles and nods her head in affirmation. …


The Hidden Tyrants: Central Bankers Know Exactly What They Are Doing

The best position for a tyrant or tyrants to be in, at least while consolidating power, is tyranny by proxy.

That is to say, the most dangerous tyrants are those the people do not recognize: the tyrants who hide behind scarecrows and puppets and faceless organizations. The worst position for the common citizen to be in is a false sense of security and understanding, operating on the assumption that tyrants do not exist or that potential tyrants are really just greedy fools acting independently from one another.

Sadly, there are a great many people today who hold naïve notions that our sociopolitical dynamic is driven by random chaos, greed and fear. I’m sorry to say that this is simply not so, and anyone who believes such nonsense is doomed to be victimized by the tides of history over and over again.

There is nothing random or coincidental about our political systems or economic structures. There are no isolated tyrants and high-level criminals functioning solely on greed and ignorance. And while there is certainly chaos, this chaos is invariably engineered, not accidental. These crisis events are created by people who often refer to themselves as “globalists” or “internationalists,” and their goals are rather obvious and sometimes openly admitted: at the top of their list is the complete centralization of government and economic power that is then ACCEPTED by the people as preferable. They hope to attain this goal primarily through the exploitation of puppet politicians around the world as well as the use of pervasive banking institutions as weapons of mass fiscal destruction.

Their strategic history is awash in wars and financial disasters, and not because they are incompetent. They are evil, not stupid.

By extension, perhaps the most dangerous lie circulating today is that central banks are chaotic operations run by intellectual idiots who have no clue what they are doing. This is nonsense. While the ideological cultism of elitism and globalism is ignorant and monstrous at its core, these people function rather successfully through highly organized collusion. Their principles are subhuman, but their strategies are invasive and intelligent. …

TPP: Pretense of Legitimate Government Vanishing in Europe

Europe Secretly Starts Imposing TTIP Despite the Public’s Overwhelming Opposition

The terms of Obama’s proposed TPP ‘trade’ treaty with Asian countries won’t be made public until the treaty has already been in force for at least four years. The terms of Obama’s proposed TISA (Trade In Services Agreement) with 52 nations won’t be made public until the treaty has already been in force for at least five years. Obama’s proposed TTIP treaty with European countries has been so successfully hidden, that even the number of years it will be kept from the public isn’t yet known. Hello, international fascism — all in secret, until too late for the public to do anything.

There is even speculation that “The Ed Show” was cancelled by the Democratic Party’s propaganda-operation owned by Comcast Corporation, MSNBC, because its star, Ed Schultz, was that cable-news network’s only host who covered Obama’s proposed ‘trade’ deals; and he was highly critical of them — he was critical of them notwithstanding that his employer,

Comcast is one of the few companies that have been brought in behind closed doors – where our elected Representatives don’t even get to go – to help review and consult with leaders about the global trade agreement. Comcast is hungry for the power they would receive from the TPP because it would gut regulations for all industries, so they had to silence the only voice on their new network that had the courage to talk about how horrible the trade deal would be for American citizens.

But in Europe, things are being rushed, just in case secrecy breaks and the treaty fails to pass. The European Union is already secretly imposing provisions from the secret Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty, even before anyone has signed it, and even before it has been formally approved in any nation.

GMO DARK Act: Eugenicists Try Again for Mass Poisoning

The federal government could soon make it illegal for states to enact mandatory GMO labeling laws, with the ‘Safe And Accurate Food Labeling Act’ (also known as the ‘DARK Act’) now facing a vote in the Senate. The bill expands federal powers in order to limit the ability of states to mandate the labeling of genetically modified ingredients in food, and was passed through the House last July.

I’ve been warning you about this secretive bill (officially titled the ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act’) since its inception, which I believe could go down in history as one of the largest attacks on the food supply in recent history. After all, the only reason that Monsanto-backed lobbying groups are so excited about this bill is because it’s their last hope. They know that they’re losing the ideological battle when it comes to the public’s opposition to GMOs and Monsanto’s cancer-linked herbicides.

Quite frankly, the DARK Act is a last ditch effort by these groups to silence the opposition through use of legislative force.

What You Need to Know About the ‘DARK Act’


We’re talking about a bill that was drafted up by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), and pushed on us by all the usual suspects. All the ones who are afraid of you actually knowing what’s in your food. Because even if you don’t care about the genetic alteration of your food, you most certainly should be concerned as to whether or not it has been doused in Monsanto’s cancer-linked herbicides.

The GMO-loaded processed food industry is scared, and they know they’re losing the battle for the food supply. This new bill is yet another example of the tricks they will use to take away our ability to know what we’re putting in our mouths. I for one will take a stand against this resurrected ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ that could become law unless the Senate defeats it.

As Reuters reported when the bill was passed by the House last July:

“The House of Representatives was set to vote Thursday on a hotly debated measure that would block mandatory labeling of foods made with genetically engineered crops, including pre-empting a state law set to take effect next year in Vermont… House passage would mark a victory for food and agricultural companies that have lobbied for the bill, and a blow to opponents, which include consumer, health and environmental groups and organic food industry players.”