Brzezinski Calls For ‘Retaliation’ Against Russia For Fighting ISIS

The leading anti-Russian figure of the Anglo-American establishment and geopolitical chess player, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has recently declared in an op-ed for the Financial Times that the United States should “retaliate” against Russia for its actions in Syria, even going so far as military action to do so.

Brzezinski argues that the recent Russian involvement in Syria puts American credibility and global reputation at stake and suggests that such a situation is intolerable. Brzezinski wrote that Russian attacks against what he and the U.S. State Department have labeled as the “non-ISIS” targets and “rebels backed by the United States” at best reflects “Russian military incompetence” and at worst signals “evidence of a dangerous desire to highlight American political impotence.” …

Global reputation and credibility?  What has this guy been smoking?

Was Doctors Without Borders bombed for Opposing TPP?

Is this why Doctors Without Borders was bombed? Staff, patients and children killed? Because Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was concerned about the impending prohibitively high costs of pharmaceuticals due to the TPP being pushed through Congress by corporate interests – and they dared to talk about it?

This has put Médecins sans Frontières “at odds with the White House,” as the National Journal delicately described. A recent letter to Obama from MSF clearly alluded to the humanitarian nature of the group’s opposition to the trade deal…

There are big corporate profits riding on theTPP. May those who were sacrificed rest in peace.

“Today we are fighting back for the respect of the Geneva Conventions. As a medical humanitarian organization, we are fighting back for the sake of our patients. We need you, as members of the public, to stand with us to insist that even wars have rules.” – Jason Cone, Executive Director, MSF-USA

Source: Did Obama Bomb Doctors Without Borders for Opposing TPP?