West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror

… He announces, after the recent U.S. losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, that U.S. armies always win. Then he admits that the U.S. is losing but says this is because of insufficient support for the wars and for making the wars about an “economic system, culture, values, morals, and laws.”

The key weapon in this war, he says, is information. U.S. crimes are not the problem; the problem, he writes, is any information distributed about U.S. crimes — which information is only damaging because the United States is the pinnacle of support for the rule of law. It wouldn’t matter if you spread news about crimes by some more lawless nation. But when you share news about crimes by the United States it hurts the U.S. cause which is upholding the rule of law and leading the world to lawfulness. The United States is the all-time world champion of the rule of law, we’re told, in a 95-page screed that never mentions the Kellogg-Briand Pact and only belatedly brings up the United Nations Charter in order to pretend that it permits all U.S. wars.

You can pack a lot of existing lies about U.S. wars and some new ones into 95 pages. So, for example, Walter Cronkite lost the Tet Offensive (and by the logic of the rest of this article, should have been immediately murdered on air). The mythical liberal media is busy reporting on the U.S. killing of civilians, and the worst voices in public discourse are those of treasonous U.S. lawyers. They are the most damaging, again, because the United States is the preeminent leader of lawibidingness.

The treasonous antiwar lawyers number 40, and the author hints that he has them on a list. Though whether this is a real list like Obama’s kill list or something more like McCarthy’s is not clear. I lean toward the latter, primarily because the list of offenses run through to fill up 95 pages includes such an array that few if any lawyers have been engaged in all of them. The offenses range from the most modest questioning of particular atrocities to prosecuting Bush and Cheney in court. Nobody doing the latter has any voice in U.S. corporate media, and a blacklist for Congress or for the U.S. Institute of “Peace” would hardly be needed if created.

The 40 unnamed treasonous scholars are, in this treatise, given the acronym CLOACA, which in good fascist form of course means a sewer or an orifice for excreting feces or urine. …


Apparently he thinks it makes no difference whether the WOT is founded on 3  false flags (the WTC attacks, the pentagon attack and the anthrax attack) which murdered thousands of americans, destroyed a major datacenter of the pentagon and terrorized two senators who happened to be the last pivotal resistance to the passage of the “patriot” act.  Is this the level of respect for the constitution, centuries of common law and the lives of young cadets to be found at west point?  Or is it possible that he really believes it was done by muslim fundamentalists?    Which is worse, sheer idiocy or cowardly and  unprincipled obedience?   At least the former doesn’t lead to  domestic genocide.

As a citizen of this country, it is my right and duty to call out treason when I see it.  And this guy is a traitor.

It seems american academiots’ willingness or ability to reason is eroding fast.   But he’s right about one thing, there’s an information war going on, and as usual money is determining which side is winning, which is remarkable considering its lack of logic and evidence.   American students deserve smarter and more honest professors.

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