Vaccines and Retroviruses: Book Review: “Plague”

Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits

review by Russell Dobkins

… Dr. Mikovits found, using rigorous scientific method, first class and up to date, state of the art, laboratory techniques, a new man-made virus. She identified and characterized the virus using many different techniques, including genetic analysis, antibody tests, chemical analysis, and even got a picture of the virus budding out of an infected cell. She found this new virus in the blood of patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and children with Autism. She and other scientists found this virus in the blood of the “Well” Human population, and estimated that between 10-25 million Americans are presently infected with it. What is this virus? She calls it “XMRV like Virus”. What does that mean? X stands for Xenotropic. That means “manmade and living”. M stands for Murine Leukemia Virus, as it is found in mice, both wild mice and laboratory mice, of the kind that are used to make human vaccines and do virology experiments with. R stands for “Retrovirus” which is the family of viruses that HIV is one of. V stands for virus. Now, here’s the important thing in her description, “XMRV-like Virus”. The important thing to understand about retroviruses is that they mutate and change rapidly. Retroviruses invade the DNA of living cells, insert themselves into it, change it, and take over the controls of what the cell makes. Then they use the cell DNA/RNA to make more of themselves, using all the resources of the cell, which kills the cell, then they burst out of the cell, multiplied to spread through the host’s body, via the bloodstream, and infect more cells in various tissues. When the XMRV-like virus gets into a new host, like a human or a monkey, it can be found in the blood, for a while. Then it disappears from the blood, by invading some tissues, like white blood cells, goes latent, and waits until the cells in that tissue start dividing, to wake up and grow. What can wake up such a latent virus hiding in a white blood cell? Mikovits describes how a stimulation to the immune system, from a vaccination will do it! Other infectious antigens, like a viral infection would also stimulate white blood cells to multiply, and wake a latent virus. Could this explain Autism suddenly appearing in children after a vaccination? Could the virus be latent in their white blood cells, then it gets turned on, by a vaccine, and replicates, and then infects the nervous system, and other body parts? Judy Mikovits documents how this happens in monkeys. Could it happen in Humans, too? …

It is known that there are certain parts of the body, that certain viruses, have an affinity for. The Mouse Leukemia Virus, MLV infects the white blood cells of mice, the “leukocytes”, and causes them to replicate out of control, causing a cancer called “Leukemia”. HIV has an affinity for White Blood Cells, too, the Helper T-Cells. Helper T-Cells are the go-getters of our immune system. They are active in destroying invading organisms, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even cancerous cells, anything that sets off the alarm, that “this is not us”, Helper T-cells destroy , and call in more immune cells to fight it. AIDS is caused when HIV invades and destroys the Helper T-Cells. Without Helper T-cells, a person can’t fight off invading organisms and AIDS victims get all kinds of infections and rare cancers. Now, this new XMRV-like virus, is a strain of mutant viruses, that are like MRV, but because they are mutating with each replication, they are changing into a swarm of viruses, each different and changing, all the time. So, it is not one species of virus, it is many, closely related, but continually morphing, viruses. Dr. Mikovits found that the XMRV invades and kills another kind of white blood cell, the “Suppressor T-cells”. They are also called “Regulatory T-cells”. That is because they regulate and balance the immune system. Without the Suppressor T-cells, to stop the immune attack when the invaders are finished off, the other immune cells keep attacking and secreting messenger chemicals called cytokines and chemokines, which call in more white blood cells, macrophages, killer T-cells, and the immune attack continues and grows, along with inflammation. The Suppressor T-cells are needed to stop the attack when the war is over, when the is invader destroyed! Without the Suppressor T-cells the “attack” side of the immune system goes wild and destroys “Self” as well as “not self invaders”. This is called a “Cytokine Storm”, and also called “immune dysregulation”. This is one of the most damaging parts of XMRV infection. It is also called an autoimmune attack. Mikovits hit on the possibility of Autoimmune Thyroiditis being caused by such an attack. It would be logical to look for XMRV in biopsied thyroid tissue in patients with Autoimmune Thyroiditis. Perhaps, MS and other autoimmune diseases like Rheumatiod Arthritis might be caused by such a virus?

Now, here’s the really scarey part. Xenotropic, means man-made and living? How could that happen? Well, it turns out that to make vaccine, a human virus like polio is injected into a mouse, then infected tissue or blood is removed from the infected mouse, then that is injected into more mice, many times, and then into a monkey. Then if the monkey doesn’t die, and antibodies are made to the original human virus, then that’s a possible vaccine. Next they test it on Human subjects. But, what if the vaccine has something in it that is alive, unsuspected, unseen, unknown, unidentified, new, man-made, a hybrid virus? What if some vaccines have been contaminated with this XMRV-like virus? What if this happened back in the 1980″s when the disease described as ME/CFS first appeared in the Lake Tahoe area? What if this XMRV-like virus got into the MMR vaccine or others, back in the 80’s? What if it is spreading in the population, through contact with saliva, bodily fluids, blood transfusions, could it be airborne? These are the possibilities that Judy Mikovits realized, and brings up in her book. This is important! Her book reads like a murder mystery, following the clues, examining the evidence, following all the leads, piecing together the picture, slowly, using modern laboratory techniques. It’s really good scientific reading!

The family of Retroviruses are all related. It would be quite easy for a Human retrovirus like HIV, injected into a mouse, to combine with a mouse retrovirus MRV, to form a hybrid Human/mouse retrovirus, that would live, reproduce, and be contagious. It could spread to other human and mouse tissue cultures in the laboratory, as Dr. Mikovits documented that XMRV does. Could this new “Xenotropic” virus infect man, and spread. Has it already? That would be very serious! Dr. Mikovits realized it. She showed how it spreads, raised the alarm, described the tissues so infected, along with the methods of transmission, and characterized the symptoms of the disease it causes, ME/CFS and Autism. This is a Big Deal!

So why did the CDC try to deny, discredit, and cover up her work? What do they do at the Center for Disease Control? They send people around the world to find infectious diseases, collect specimens of the causative agents, like H1N1, SARS, HIV, and bring them back to the CDC labs, alive. Then they culture them. That is grow them, so they can study them and make vaccines from them. What if something got away from them? It has happened before. Remember Reston virus, “The Hot Zone”? Well, back in the 1980’s the technology to identify such viruses was not so advanced as it is today. They didn’t have genomic sequencing and PCR. Viruses and Micoplasma cannot be seen with a light microscope. They are too small. Viruses and Micoplasma cannot be filtered out of blood, plasma and vaccine, with the filters they had back then, and only barely with the new technology we have today. So, what if something they made, but couldn’t see, while trying to make vaccines, like XMRV, escaped the laboratory, or Heaven forbid, got into the vaccines, and was vaccinated into millions of American children? Could it be possible? I think an investigation is warranted. Since, the CDC is trying to hide what Dr. Mikovits found, then we cannot depend on the CDC to conduct an investigation. It might lead to a HUGE problem, lawsuits, civil and perhaps criminal. I mean, if you knew that something you gave the public, to vaccinate the children was contaminated, and people were injured, like with Autism, and ME/CFS, well…. Class action Law suits would come forth. The CDC just makes the vaccine starter material. The big Pharma companies make the actual vaccines. Who’s liable here? It depends on who knew what. Was someone negligent? Who can you trust? What can you trust? Doctors? The CDC? Vaccines? …,20736.html

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