The GcMAF Book

For those who want to learn more about nagalase and GcMAF…

Table of Contents

Preface: GcMAF and Nagalase: two amazing proteins.
Introduction: Routine Nagalase testing finds cancer early and GcMAF cures it
Chapter 1: A Cure for Metastatic Cancer?
Chapter 2: Professor Yamamoto and Real Science
Chapter 3: Your Incredible Immune Army
Chapter 4: The War on Cancer Inside Us
Chapter 5: Your Immune Cells Versus The Pathogen Army: A Nanoscale War
Chapter 6: Your Awesome Macrophage Killing Machine
Chapter 7: Macrophages Need GcMAF to Thrive
Chapter 8: How Your Body Makes GcMAF
Chapter 9: Nagalase: Friend and Foe?
Chapter 10: How Nagalase Blocks GcMAF Production
Chapter 11: If Cancer Cells Could Talk…
Chapter 12: GcMAF and HIV/AIDS
Chapter 13: The AMAS Test-An Alternative To Nagalase Testing
Chapter 14: Biomarker Testing
Chapter 15: Eradicating the Scourge of Cancer from the Face of the Earth
Chapter 16: Retro-Docs and Nano-Medicine: A Rant
Chapter 17: Differentiation and Cancer Grading
Chapter 18: The Cancer continuum and the ‘Point of no return’
Chapter 19: GcMAF Therapy Guidelines
Chapter 20: Why Not Skip Conventional Cancer Therapies and Just Take GcMAF?
Chapter 21: Knockoffs, Wannabes, Bootlegs, Counterfeits–and Certification
Appendix 1: About Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto
Appendix 2: The Yamamoto Papers
Appendix 3: About the Author

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