Downing Street stays silent over claims David Cameron Had Sex with Dead Pig

Downing Street has refused to comment on extraordinary allegations made in a new book that David Cameron performed an obscene act with a dead pig and smoked cannabis while he was at Oxford University.

Lord Ashcroft, the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and a prolific donor, reported the claims in Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography.

It comes during a continuing feud between the pair, who are said to have fallen out after Lord Ashcroft was passed over for a leading role in the Coalition Government.

 Conservative peer and multimillionaire Lord Ashcroft reported the claims in his ‘unauthorised biography’ of Mr Cameron

The book accuses David Cameron of being part of a debauched group called the Piers Gaveston Society, as well as the infamous Bullingdon Club, during his time at Oxford.

Lord Ashcroft and the book’s co-author, Isabel Oakeshott, the former Sunday Times political editor, wrote that an unnamed “distinguished Oxford contemporary”, who is now an MP, recalled how Mr Cameron took part in an “outrageous” initiation ceremony at a Piers Gaveston event.

“His extraordinary suggestion is that the future PM inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal’s mouth,” an excerpt published by the Daily Mail claimed.

Lord Ashcroft wrote that the man made the same allegation three times, with increasing detail, and claimed a photograph existed of the act. …

Of COURSE there would be a photo, that’s how the power elite functions.  Murder, pedophilia, necrophilia, pretty much anything that would horrify normal people is precisely what the insiders have to do to gain entry to the corridors of power.   The price is control by those already on the inside.   No wonder we’re headed for catastrophe.

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