Cynthia McKinney’s PhD Dissertation: Hugo Chavez, White Supremacy, COINTELPRO and Wikileaks

“In keeping with her interests in U.S. policy, Dr. McKinney wrote her dissertation on the leadership challenges faced by President Hugo Chavez as he asserted the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela’s right to sovereignty.  President Chavez’s mission as leader of Bolivarian Venezuela caused him to tackle the tough issues of U.S. domination, notions of White Supremacy, and the long-suppressed human rights of Venezuela’s Indigenous, African, and mixed populations that, together, constitute the majority of the people in the country.  The title of Dr. McKinney’s dissertation is “’El No Murio, El Se Multiplico!’  Hugo Chavez: The Leadership and the Legacy on Race.”
“Dr. Peter Dale Scott, University of California at Berkeley Professor Emeritus, served on Dr. McKinney’s dissertation committee and his influence can be seen as she sets the context of Hugo Chavez’s leadership by exploring the intricacies of Deep Politics in U.S. foreign policy in the past—COINTELPRO (The Counter Intelligence Program of the U.S. government, spearheaded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation), Operation Condor—and in the present. After the U.S. Justice Department prosecuted and imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown for publishing WikiLeaks documents, McKinney was unsuccessful in her effort to use extremely revealing U.S. diplomatic cables and other key information in her dissertation that had also been published by WikiLeaks; this information was important because it exposed contemporaneous U.S. attitudes and behavior toward Hugo Chavez, in particular, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in general.”
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