The Atlantic buried this amazing interview – the answers made too much sense

That this very intelligent, coherent interview with Mike Adams was canned begs the question: Do we have a free, independent media or do we have a propaganda machine for the corporate elite? Is every form of media an advertisement for corporate products,  profits and control?

Has it ever occurred to you that you can build your health and thereby avoid the deleterious effects of drugs, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, etc? If so, you can read Mike’s brilliant answers to The Atlantic’s questions at the link below. Share this information with your friends and family; it might save their lives.

We have lost honest discourse within the mainstream media; thank goodness for the vast amount of information on the Internet. Yesterday’s TCR article on the admission of the US government that cannabis cures cancer is one tiny detail that deserves to be on the front page of every newspaper and the first words on every radio and TV program. Do your research on the Internet, folks, before subjecting yourself to toxic treatments that have even more grievous side effects.

Next post – suggested sites for research.

Read the entire interview here: CENSORED: The Atlantic buried this amazing interview with the Health Ranger after realizing his answers made too much sense –

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