The GcMAF Book

For those who want to learn more about nagalase and GcMAF…

Table of Contents

Preface: GcMAF and Nagalase: two amazing proteins.
Introduction: Routine Nagalase testing finds cancer early and GcMAF cures it
Chapter 1: A Cure for Metastatic Cancer?
Chapter 2: Professor Yamamoto and Real Science
Chapter 3: Your Incredible Immune Army
Chapter 4: The War on Cancer Inside Us
Chapter 5: Your Immune Cells Versus The Pathogen Army: A Nanoscale War
Chapter 6: Your Awesome Macrophage Killing Machine
Chapter 7: Macrophages Need GcMAF to Thrive
Chapter 8: How Your Body Makes GcMAF
Chapter 9: Nagalase: Friend and Foe?
Chapter 10: How Nagalase Blocks GcMAF Production
Chapter 11: If Cancer Cells Could Talk…
Chapter 12: GcMAF and HIV/AIDS
Chapter 13: The AMAS Test-An Alternative To Nagalase Testing
Chapter 14: Biomarker Testing
Chapter 15: Eradicating the Scourge of Cancer from the Face of the Earth
Chapter 16: Retro-Docs and Nano-Medicine: A Rant
Chapter 17: Differentiation and Cancer Grading
Chapter 18: The Cancer continuum and the ‘Point of no return’
Chapter 19: GcMAF Therapy Guidelines
Chapter 20: Why Not Skip Conventional Cancer Therapies and Just Take GcMAF?
Chapter 21: Knockoffs, Wannabes, Bootlegs, Counterfeits–and Certification
Appendix 1: About Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto
Appendix 2: The Yamamoto Papers
Appendix 3: About the Author

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Sick Sea Animals Off Western Coast of North America

Animals delirious, disoriented up and down West Coast — Displaying ‘unprecedented’ behaviors — Experts “know something isn’t right” — Gov’t: “Waters offshore so lacking in things like anchovies, sardines and squid” (PHOTOS & VIDEO) …

Jeb Bush Asked What He Did With 9/11 Hijackers’ Files

On the campaign trail in New Hampshire two weeks ago, Jeb Bush was asked a question for which he clearly wasn’t prepared, which hearkened back to Bush’s time as Florida Governor.

“According to Sergeant Marty (Mike) Treanor and other law enforcement officials in Sarasota Florida, the files pertaining to 9/11 hijacker pilots Marwan Al-Shehhi and Mohamed Atta from Huffman Aviation Flight School in Venice Florida were loaded onto two Ryder trucks and driven onto a C-130 cargo plane which left Sarasota the day after 9/11,” began newly-minted radio talk show host Mike Jackman, who with his brother comprise a media outlet pols this election season can ill afford to miss appearing on called  Jackman Radio.

“Is it true that you were onboard the C-130? And, if so, can you tell us what became of the files?”

According to those who were there, a certain amount of discomfort ensued. Bush, who has appeared as limp as overcooked spaghetti on the campaign trail, visibly stiffened. …