The Tobacco Conspiracy – How does this relate to other corporations?

If you think chemical/pharmaceutical corporations with their vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails and such behave differently from the tobacco companies, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. This movie demonstrates how they behave — most abominably… without a shred of integrity… from the basest of motives — greed… and with complete disregard or respect for human health and life.

Corporations rabidly pursue their goals. Laws do not bind them — they simply hire lawyers and public relations firms. Clever environmental law attorneys, for example, do not protect the environment. Instead, they write laws to protect the lumber and oil industries and advise them how to evade laws that might try to restrict them. If one avenue becomes blocked, they will find an alternate route – and another and another – until they attain their goals… profit and power.

A history of the tobacco industry’s lies and scams. From the US in 1953 to Africa today, the controversy between individual responsibility and corporate greed is portrayed in a lucid, undaunted manner.

From scientific frauds to working with organized crime, tobacco companies show their hidden agenda more clearly than ever in this theatrically released documentary.

More than three years of investigating all over the world has allowed Nadia Collot to decipher the attitudes of an industry that, in spite of many prevention campaigns still expands its power at the cost of public health. Three aspects of industry behavior are studied:

1. Scientific subversion: proof of the manipulation of scientific evidence and buying out of scientists to maintain controversy over the health issues related to smoking, but even more so today, related to environmental tobacco smoke.

2. Ideological subversion: whether it be through clever and disguised product placements on screen or TV, creating its own.