Directors Statement

I first became interested in cell phone radiation and public health when a friend of mine contacted me regarding his father, Alan Marks who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer after using a cell phone for over twenty years. While Alan’s story itself was tragic enough, it was the role that his cell phone played which intrigued me and ignited my journey across the country in search of answers.

While pursing Alan’ s story and the deeper connection between cell phones and the human body, I learned San Francisco had been the first city in the world to introduce legislation that would have informed consumers about the safer ways to use a cell phone. Since the bill was introduced in 2010, over a dozen other nations have passed similar resolutions including England, Italy, and France.

However, San Francisco’s bill was never implemented due to a lawsuit filed against the city by the cell phone industry. As I continued to interview more brain cancer and tumor patients, I became more invested in uncovering not only the relationship between cell phones and human health, but also in exploring the role that politics, media, and scientific funding have on public awareness.

While concern about cell phone radiation and the long-term health effects are still largely unappreciated by the general public, I hope that as more impartial reporting and investigative efforts circulate the potential dangers will be impossible for an educated population to ignore.

Kevin Kunze,
Director, “Mobilize”

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