Vaccines: Delusional Researchers Ignore Their Own Findings

DeMeo et al. took 13 926 extremely low birth weight infants born at 28 weeks or less and compared compared the incidence of sepsis evaluations, need for increased respiratory support, intubation, seizures, and death among immunized infants in the 3 days before and after immunization.

Here is what the results showed:

With most infants receiving 3 or more vaccinations, the incidence of

  • sepsis increased from 5.4 to 19.3 per 1000 patient-days after vaccination
  • need for increased respiratory support increased from 6.6 to 14.0 per 1000 patient-days after vaccination
  • intubation increased from 2.0 to 3.6 per 1000 patient-days after vaccination

Here was the conclusion reported by the authors:

All ELBW infants in the NICU had an increased incidence of sepsis evaluations and increased respiratory support and intubation after routine immunization.

Because the risk of sepsis, intubation, and respiratory support were increased regardless of vaccine type – a class effect – the authors chose to use a sleight of hand to reinforce current practice by stating:

Our findings provide no evidence to suggest that physicians should not use combination vaccines in ELBW infants. …

Tactics to repackage and reframe scientific findings (especially since trials are now registered making it more difficult to hide them in the file drawer) include distraction, focus on minor details of the trial, and dismissal of meaningful findings as “implausible”. This particular tactic was employed by Kelly et al. who authored a paper finding increases in viral infection after influenza vaccination. The authors handily dismiss the findings by stating:

This could be interpreted to mean that influenza vaccination increases the risk of being infected by viruses other than influenza, but we believe that this explanation is biologically implausible.

Of course, this finding would be implausible to those who don’t comprehend the meaning of antigenic sin and the misprogramming that vaccines are responsible for through activation of only our humoral and not cell-mediated immunity. ….

Actually, who is more deluded: medical researchers or those who trust them?

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