The Setup: Pentagon Exercises Reveal U.S. Would Struggle to Win War With Russia

The Pentagon has been running a series of exercises throughout the summer based on a hypothetical ground war with Russia which reveal that the U.S. would struggle to defeat Moscow.

Two defense officials who refused to be named told the Daily Beast that Washington is not ready for a sustained conflict.

“Could we probably beat the Russians today [in a sustained battle]? Sure, but it would take everything we had,” one defense official said. “What we are saying is that we are not as ready as we want to be.”

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have depleted the U.S. Army’s ability to maintain a significant troop presence, the exercises revealed. There would also be little time to sufficiently train airmen for the conflict. …

Has it not yet occurred to the pentagon that the transnational  bankers have us where they want us?   We are to be led into a war with russia and china for no conceivable national security purpose, with both hands tied behind our back.    You can’t be a first world power without a first world industrial base.   We are to be devastated so the vulture capitalists who control the fed can pick us clean.  It’s just business.

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