Psychopathic Medical Researchers Hid Prozac-Suicide Link in Children

NIMH hid suicide risk in pediatric study

… The TADS study has been used to justify the prescribing of Prozac-and really, by extension-other SSRIs to children and adolescents. The TADS researchers reported that the drug treatment was effective and didn’t increase the risk for suicidal events, as compared to placebo. Adding CBT to medication “enhances the safety of medication,” the TADS researchers wrote.

All the while, the real suicide data was being hidden. The TADS investigators weren’t disclosing the number of suicide attempts, and they weren’t reporting that all but one of the suicide attempts were in fluoxetine-treated youth. Instead, they made it appear that a similar number of suicidal events had been seen in the placebo group, and, at one point, even wrote that 15 in this group had attempted suicide. The real suicide data didn’t appear until Vitiello’s 2009 article, and even then it had to be dug out from a table, which Göran Högberg did:

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