More about possible computer hacking into automobiles

Watch a few minutes of this talk… the part about multiple “car hits truck” accidents, then read below.

This is how two of the holistic doctors died recently… driving into the back of semi trucks; I do believe that both of them were chiropractors. James Corbett makes it sound as if “car hits truck” was not an uncommon method of committing covert assassination in the 1990s.

I wondered when I first heard about the cases of the two chiropractors who drove into the back of trucks (with their children in the car), if electronics or magnetics might not have been involved. We have another article here that discusses hacking of automobiles that have high tech computers. Michael Hastings, journalist, might also have been eliminated to prevent embarrassment to the U.S. military, as he was writing another blockbuster article.

See the two articles below:

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