John Zielinski

John Zielinski is a trained journalist and photographer who spent most of his life researching and documenting the Amish lifestyle. He wrote  several books on the Amish before stumbling on the “Franklin coverup” and related satanic, pedophilia, child kidnapping and slavery, and intelligence issues and has been outspoken activist ever since.  He networked for years with Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp to expose the scandal, which you can research in the References section starting with the film Conspiracy of Silence and America’s MIA Children.   He is the subject of the documentary film Zielinski. See trailer, above.

After the fire that destroyed his home, after telling the same story for 20 years, after losing his marriage, after working for the FBI, after becoming the most blacklisted author in the history of Iowa, after photographing Martin Luther King Jr. and the Amish, after fleeing Iowa as an exile, Zielinski’s car ran out of gas in Columbia, Missouri in 2006. He walked into the public access TV station with a mud-caked VHS camera and said, “There’s a tape stuck in here that will bring down the U.S. government. Will you help me?”

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