Child Sacrifice Goes Mainstream

Ah yes! The satanic-infested, illuminati media is now promoting the use of children’s blood as a means of “reversing aging.” We should have known this was coming, especially after the sale of infant blood was promoted on the internet — as if it were a mainstream commodity (see below):

It’s a family tradition. It’s a part of your healthy, active lifestyle. It’s Infant’s Blood and Virgin’s Blood.

For friends. For family. For fun.
Blood is a part of all of our lives. You drink it, you bathe in it, you give it to your children…so shouldn’t you be confident you’re getting the highest quality blood possible? Blood from premium infants and genuine virgins, bursting with health and flavor?

For health. For beauty. For life!
Discover a new level of quality in consumer blood products. Discover Our uncompromising approach to quality means we offer simply the best Infant’s and Virgin’s Blood on the market today. Independent lab analysis proves it. And your taste buds will know the difference!

If it’s fresh, delicious blood you’re looking for, you’ll find it at here – Your One Stop Supershop for Infant’s Blood and More! …..

ARE YOU AWAKE YET? Wanna know where YOUR baby’s infant cord blood is going?

Actually the kind of market implied by this site is way beyond anything that could be satisfied by cord blood.  And then there’s the virgin blood …

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