Video of Child Being Tortured by Officers Exposes Severe Problem of Putting Kids in Adult Prisons

According to an investigation conducted by Dana Liebelson, there are currently 6,000 children throughout the Land of the Free currently being held in prison facilities for adults.

In her alarming report, Liebelson outlines the details of several cases of horrific abuse of children within the US Prison System. She was even able to obtain video of a young girl being held down in what looked more like a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie than America’s rehabilitation process.

A 16-year-old by the name of Max is one of the cases Liebelson details in her report. Max is held in a maximum security adult prison in Ionia, Michigan.

During his time in prison for armed robbery, Max has been repeatedly raped by grown men he’s forced to bunk with. In one instance, he was tied up and forcefully raped to the point of bleeding for days.

According to Liebelson’s investigation,

Around that time, Max visited the prison health clinic; the medical report says that he had “rectal bleeding” and was “using up laundry, especially underwear.” Max said he was questioned by multiple people, some of them correctional officers. He wanted to tell them about the assault, but didn’t trust them not to tell other inmates or “turn it into a joke.”

Max, who is now 20, committed a crime. He took things that did not belong to him. However, he was a child; a child who was thrown into the same cage as murderers, rapists, and child molesters.

Max’s story is one of the thousands of stories of children being abused and thrown into general population prisons by the state.

While some of this abuse is carried out by fellow inmates, much of it is actually “standard procedure” implemented by the prison guards themselves. …

America has the largest prison population in the world. It is estimated that victimless crime constitutes 86% of the federal prison population, meaning the only reason that these individuals are incarcerated is because the state deemed their non-violent personal choices, “illegal.” The majority of that 86% is for illegal drugs alone. …

The US prison population would be a great source of destabilization to introduce into society when everything else goes to hell.   Recruit non-violent potheads from the street, send them to psychopath university and unleash the result on the rest of us (the latter in the name of “liberalism” of course) Most likely this is what the luciferians have planned for.   The idea is to make america scream in order to impose martial law, the shock doctrine and global government.   They’ve honed it down to a science.

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