Vaccine Court Awarded Millions To Two Children With Autism. So What Changed?


As the debate rages on about finding a link between autism and vaccines, we need only to look back a short couple of years in history to find where Pharmaceutical companies, the medical associations and the Government have admitted to wrong doing. In this particular case in 2013, their admission came with a payout that soared into the millions of dollars.

The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or “vaccine court,” awarded millions of dollars under the name of pain and suffering, as well as caring for the needs of two children for lifelong injuries, to two kids who were found to have autism after being vaccinated.

The Government, though, didn’t want to admit guilt (likely a part of the huge settlement). And the case facts weren’t disclosed (they were hidden). This was one item in a long list of admissions by the Government. The Government, via this case and others, all but admits that vaccines cause encephalopathy, which produces a permanent injury and creates symptoms of autism (not a full admission, but the facts are what they are)…

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