US military leaders call Russia ‘greatest threat’, demand more funding

The Marine Corps commandant thought to be taking over the Joint Chiefs of Staff told lawmakers Russia was the “greatest threat” to US national security, echoing claims made by Air Force’s civilian chief and the recently published US military strategy.

In a pre-confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Joseph Dunford called Russian actions “nothing short of alarming,” backed weapons deliveries to the Ukrainian government and warned that budget sequestration will hurt the US military’s capabilities.

“Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security,” Dunford said. “If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia.”

The Marine commandant’s statement comes just a day after US Air Force Secretary Deborah James told Reuters that she considered Russia “the biggest threat” to the US. James also said that NATO members should honor the promise they made to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense, in order to combat the alleged threat from Moscow.

Dunford’s written testimony contained 15 mentions of the word “aggression” in reference to Russia, and almost as many mentions of the effects of sequestration on military budgets. …

Is it possible the pentagon brass doesn’t know the state dept has been funding coups to install anti-russian regimes in a ring around russia, or openly speaks of launching a pre-emptive nuclear attack on russia in which the west’s ABM bases will be used to intercept the russian response?

Is it possible the pentagon doesn’t know that the bankster’s plan is to wreck the united states in order to buy it out at distressed prices?

Russia is not a threat.  The enemy within, the secretive transnational cartel that controls the federal reserve, is the threat.

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