UberGang Forces Inventor to Abandon Anonymizing WiFi Project

Two weeks ago, security Benjamin Caudill unveiled a new cheap anonymizing device called Proxyham.

The device allowed its operator to connect to a Wi-Fi network up to 2.5 miles away, detaching the user from the IP address and giving him or her an extra layer of anonymization online. Caudill was expected to release the code for Proxyham, as well as show off a prototype, at the hacking conference Def Con in Las Vegas next month.

But over the weekend, due to mysterious circumstances, the talk at Def Con got cancelled, and the development of Proxyham was shuttered. To make matters even murkier, Caudill said he is unable to talk about what happened, suggesting he might have been pressured to kill Proxyham.

“Effective immediately, we are halting further [development] on Proxyham and will not be releasing any further details or source for the device,” Caudill’s firm Rhino Security Labs tweeted on late Friday.

The firm also added that Proxyham prototypes that have already been built “will be disposed of and no longer be made available at Def Con.” …


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