The Psychiatric Business Model

I see people are reading the “eugenic impulse in psychiatry” article so I thought I’d rehash these old ones since I seldom hear such perspectives elsewhere. It’s a shame because psychiatry really does encapsulate the very worst of the empire’s imperial arrogance, aside from masquerading as medicine and being directed at its own citizens. It’s the medicalization of the idea of “destroying a village in order to save it” and demonstrates the kamikaze nature of the malignancy which has infected society as a whole.   The empire must destroy itself.  It’s in its nature.

Psychiatry would be laughable if it wasn’t so predatory.   Its continued acceptance by society at large is indicative of the depth of our enslavement.   Who do you complain to?   Where can you go and put science and common sense on the table and call them out as charlatans, and that they should stop wrecking the lives of innocent people for profit?  Who will defend the kids?  Who will speak truth to clueless parents?  No one.  This is babylon, where truth belongs to the highest bidder.

I wrote the first one a long time ago.  As far as I know there’s only one error (psychiatry does do some kind of token screening of applicants) but I hadn’t yet grasped that at the highest levels it was being run by consciously predatory psychopaths,  I thought they were just corrupt idiots.   I suppose it’s just another branch of the luciferian theocracy that has infiltrated just about every other institution in this society.   But if you think you’re immune, think again: insurance companies have been forced to cover “mental health” at the same level as physical medicine despite their actuarial knowledge that it’s a black hole of medical waste and fraud.   Shrinks used to be constrained by lack of coverage, which was no small matter that saved the lives of many unwilling “consumers”.   Now it’s the wild west out there.

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