The problem of Greece is not only a tragedy, It is a lie

An historic betrayal has consumed Greece. Having set aside the mandate of the Greek electorate, the Syriza government has willfully ignored last week’s landslide “No” vote and secretly agreed a raft of repressive, impoverishing measures in return for a “bailout” that means sinister foreign control and a warning to the world.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has pushed through parliament a proposal to cut at least 13 billion euros from the public purse – 4 billion euros more than the “austerity” figure rejected overwhelmingly by the majority of the Greek population in a referendum on 5 July.

These reportedly include a 50 per cent increase in the cost of healthcare for pensioners, almost 40 per cent of whom live in poverty; deep cuts in public sector wages; the complete privatization of public facilities such as airports and ports; a rise in value added tax to 23 per cent, now applied to the Greek islands where people struggle to eke out a living. There is more to come. …

Will secrecy and plausible deniability continue to allow these uber-criminals to wage undeclared war on the planet?   Are people really willing to enter a slaughterhouse simply because known liars call it a luxury hotel?

We don’t know exactly what threats, blackmail and bribes were presented to Tsipras, but we know he might as well have been assassinated for all practical purposes.  Greece has no government.  The people should respond accordingly.

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