The Liars are Losing But They Haven’t Lost

The supreme irony is that chomsky has proven himself instrumental in maintaining the status quo through his irrational refusal to look at the evidence about 9/11 (see the reference section).  TPTB handed us the keys to the kingdom on a silver platter and all we had to do was think for ourselves.  Chomsky has done more harm than good in american history by herding his fans away from scary “conspiracy theories”.

But in any case, lies aren’t the only tools they have. (skip to 6:30 to avoid the laughable concerns about human rights)

It’s absolutely ludicrous to think that the same government that deployed death squads and torture tutors to latin america (also in the reference section) in order to install sweat shops that wrecked american industries would not resort to similar tactics domestically.   With a precious few exceptions, there is nothing resembling patriotism in washington.    The banksters are at war with the entire world.

We have lived for years in the eye of a huge hurricane and all was sunshine and roses.  But now the hurricane is moving and we are not.

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