New Global Taxman to Wage War on Informal Economy

This coming week, political representatives of many of the world’s developing countries will gather in Addis Abbada, Ethiopia, for the International Conference on Financing for Development. Two issues seem set to dominate proceedings: tax evasion and the informal economy.

As I warned in the article “Beware, the Borderless Taxman Cometh,” these two intertwined issues are becoming increasingly important to today’s cash-strapped governments. Recent years have seen ever closer cooperation between national tax authorities, with the US and Europe leading the way. …

A global taxation authority would be a necessary component of a global government.  It’s ludicrous to think the luciferians who control the global economic institutions would be among the taxed, since the whole purpose of a global government would be to fleece the sheep.

A global economy isn’t just repressive and corrupt, it’s unsustainable.  Experience has shown that waste and pollution are positively correlated with the size of economies, and it’s not hard to see why: externalization of costs.    Sustainability requires closing the loop on “waste”, and localized economies naturally incorporate waste recycling whereas multinationals find it more profitable to manufacture non-recyclable waste and then waste energy transporting it to distant dumping grounds.  Localization also implies currency recycling, and knowing your merchants and whether you want to do business with them.

If “global warming” falls on its face then a global taxation enforcement regime would be a handy fall-back justification for global government.  But the real solution is autonomous regions (i.e. “nations”) which have democratic control of their own self-sustaining currencies but can trade in a non-manipulable currency like gold.  Nations sometimes go to war (usually under the puppeteering  of luciferians as in WW1 and WW2) but it’s a preferable system to a global regime of perpetual internalized war.  What we have now is central banks waging war on the regions which are not under their control.

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