Joseph Goebbels Speech Played by German Cops at G7 Summit

Berlin – Two police officers who were at last week‘s Group of Seven (G7) summit in Germany face disciplinary action for playing over the radio an excerpt of a wartime speech by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported.

The two officers, from the western city of Bonn, had been deployed as part of a 23,000-strong force guarding the meeting of heads of state and government in Elmau, Bavaria.

Five days before the start of the G7 summit, the officers broadcast via private radios an infamous 1943 speech in which Goebbels asks a large audience gathered in Berlin: “Do you want total war?”

The two officers were caught because all radio traffic around the summit meeting was being monitored as a security precaution.

A spokeswoman in Bonn told Spiegel the actions of the officers had “shocked and disappointed” the police department, and that disciplinary procedures had been launched.

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