History of the “New World Order”

I suppose the idea of secret levers of control steering humanity over centuries sounds like crazy talk. But seriously, how could it be otherwise? All that’s required is for powerful and wealthy people, and the highly educated experts that they hire, to coordinate and plan based on their common interests (which have nothing to do with national boundaries) and for their secret alliances to give rise to secret organizations that have mechanisms of internal social control which transcend generations. We know such mechanisms exist, with networks of mutual blackmail probably being the most potent and explanatory of the luciferian philosphy underlying these networks of power. Just add enough time, and self-perpetuating child abuse and indoctrination, and you have the situation we’re in today.

The irony is that our “free” participation in the emergent pathology (buying food at a box store, paying taxes, voting for the lesser evil etc) is only indicative of the level of our enslavement. The problem is emergence. How many cells in your body are conscious of the emergent reality of your existence and intent? None of them, not even in your brain. There is no little man sitting at a console in your head pushing buttons and pulling levers. There is no man behind the curtain. There is no curtain. The substance is the flux itself. We are all expendable, even the “elite”. Can they grasp this reality before it’s too late?

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