Feds ‘Lose’ Audits for Fort Knox Gold

The blog, goldseek.com, recently published a report on a Freedom of Information Act request they recently filed with the US government. They were seeking seven reports from federal audits of the gold at Fort Knox. The government’s response? They can’t find those reports – even though they reference those reports as evidence of the gold stored at Fort Knox in a number of ways.

This is like asking the fox whether the chickens are ok. The gold has been dumped on the market to suppress the price in order to support the dollar.  It’s not rumor or anonymous leaks, it’s been going on for decades, and at some point they started using other countries’ gold, so it’s pretty likely that there is no gold in fort knox, just as there is very little money at your local bank. Are you starting to get the idea?

Former US Mint Director Clueless On Gold In Fort Knox

The Curious Case Of Edmund C. Moy

Former US Mint director Ed Moy has made numerous false and self-contradictory statements regarding the gold at Fort Knox – a facility managed by the US Mint.


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