Corbett: Anarchy on the Streets

My 2 cents: the system reduces our ability to interact in an empathic way, first through pathologized birth, “dismemberment” (MGM), and lack of breast feeding, following through with family dissolution, TV babysitting, forcible “education” and mass media socialization, which necessitates an intricate structure of rules to get from point A to B because our ability to socially interact is impaired.  These rules in turn aggravate the situation by allowing those regions of the brain to further atrophy, further necessitating more rules to simply live your life.   Meanwhile the flows and functioning of the state are streamlined and more difficult to resist.  There are many loops involved in the functioning of stable complex systems and they all reinforce each other.  That’s why it’s so difficult to change the system.   It requires a drastic and largely simultaneous change in human consciousness.  The net could allow this to happen, but it’s in a race with the impending police state.  It would behoove us to exploit whatever access to power we have in a purportedly free society to delay the crackdown as long as possible.

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