Amazon Review of Kerth’s Book “Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism “

I was very interested to find out what Kerth had written about Satanism, cannibalism and the illuminati because my heart goes out to all the victims of the illuminati, but I was still somewhat afraid to read it because of the possible cruel things in it. However, once started, I was pleasantly surprised by Kerth’s writing abilities. He really has a way with words and has the gift to describe something in a very vivid, filmic and warm way. Also, this book is one of the most informative books on the illuminati and the New World Order, and therefore a must-read for everyone who wants to have a unique insider view of the illuminati/Satanic organization. Kerth takes you by the hand and leads you to a secret world crowded with perverse, insane people you couldn’t possibly imagine exist for real. But they do, and it is very disturbing that these illuminati aristocrats, who determine most of the things that happen on our planet, appear to be ruthless, psychopathic people, totally devoid of empathy. Actually, they pride themselves in this, they feel fortunate not to be subjected to weaknesses like empathy, love for others, compassion. It also struck me that many blood-drinking illuminati members who engage in ritualistic cannibalism or torture weren’t born insane, but they are the victims of MK ultra mind-control. A story that struck me was that of the two cannibalistic, incestuous pedophile sisters who now work for a UN think tank, along with other persons who Kerth says to be equally insane. They are currently working on taking over the world in order to turn in it into a Satanic paradise. Another interesting point made by Kerth is that our society as a whole has been programmed by TV and pop music, as a result of which people do things they wouldn’t do otherwise.

Kerth tells about some of his own experiences both as a victim of the illuminati and later as a member of a resistance group. He decided to bring all the insane, cruel Satanic practices of the illuminati into the open. Some of these stories were told to him by other members of resistance groups within the illuminati. Just like me, he wonders why most people are so blind to the Satanism that’s all around them in this world. Although some stories were rather horrifying and shocking, Kerth talks about them in a matter-of-fact, casual and unemotional way and adds his own interesting analysis and thoughts with regard to it, which makes some rather horrible facts easier to digest.
Something which also makes this book an enjoyable read is the fact that the author’s personality shines through. You clearly feel that you’re in the presence of a warm, intelligent, strong, compassionate, brave and highly moral human being with great psychological insight. And already at a very young age, Kerth appeared to have a certain maturity and strength that helped him to deal with the terrible things he was subjected to.
A great thank you to you Kerth, for everything you do!

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