Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, Rest in Peace

Dr. Gonzalez died suddenly and unexpectedly on July 21, 2015 in New York City. He was a very popular guest on several different radio and television shows. Here is an interview of Dr Gonzalez by Carol Alt, a celebrity cancer survivor…

The truth about chemotherapy…

Jonathan Landsman, the interviewer in the above video, writes:

Cancer doctors would be shocked to learn the true history of chemotherapy

Conventionally-trained physicians rarely get to hear (or discuss) the true nature of chemotherapy and how it was originally created. But that never stopped Dr. Gonzalez from investigating the subject of standard cancer treatments and expressing his views publicly. Dr. Gonzalez was the finest example of a true physician (teacher) and healer.

In this exclusive video interview, Dr. Gonzalez revealed the unspeakable history of chemotherapy, including these truths:

“During WWII, the Department of Defense had all these stock piles of nerve gas from WWI and they weren’t using them in WWII. And someone at the Department of Defense had this brilliant idea to try and convert this nerve gas into useful therapeutic modalities.”

“Very few people realize the whole generation of chemotherapeutic drugs that are being used today – and there are over 100 of them – really developed from poisonous nerve gas developed for warfare.”

From – Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez