Was MH17 a Botched Assassination Attempt Against Putin?

First pictures emerge of Ukrainian pilot pro-Russian rebels claim downed MH17 killing all 298 victims on board


MH17 in the “wrong place?” What was Captain Vladislav Voloshin supposed to be shooting at that looks like a passenger jet painted white with blue and red trim?!?

As it happens, Russian President Vladimir Putin was flying through the same area on that very day, returning home from a six day visit to Cuba and South America. Putin’s Presidential jet is based on the Ilyushin 96. The IL-96 is a passenger jet, and is painted with a similar color scheme to the Malaysian 777. At a distance, they could easily have been confused for one another!

So Kiev wanted to murder Putin, to throw the Russian government into turmoil while Kiev reconquered the east (and possibly Crimea), but botched the operation, shooting down MH17 instead, then tried to drop the blame on Russia.


The paint job is superficially similar.  The pilot would have to be poorly prepped or careless.

It’s highly unlikely that Kiev would have tried this without Washington’s approval.

Jeb Bush: Americans Need to Work Harder

‘I have two jobs’: Americans respond to Jeb Bush’s call to work longer hours

The reason the US is in an economic rut? Americans aren’t working enough hours, Jeb Bush, a Republican frontrunner and 2016 presidential hopeful,explained last week.

The “only way we’re going to get out of this,” Bush spelled out, is “to be a lot more productive”: “People need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families.”…


What’s next, “let them eat cake”?