California Water and wildlife at risk from fracking

Hydraulic fracturing uses a host of highly toxic chemicals — the impacts of which are for the most part unknown — that could be contaminating drinking water supplies, wildlife and crops, according to a report released Thursday by a California science panel.

The long-awaited final assessment from the California Council on Science and Technology said that because of data gaps and inadequate state testing, overwhelmed regulatory agencies do not have a complete picture of what oil companies are doing.

The risks and hazards associated with about two-thirds of the additives used in fracking are not clear, and the toxicity of more than half, the report concluded, remains “uninvestigated, unmeasured and unknown. Basic information about how these chemicals would move through the environment does not exist.” …

Tsipras Betrays Referendum, Sells Out to the Banks

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has proposed eleventh hour concessions to European central banks despite the overwhelming rejection of an austerity deal by the Greek people.

He told Syriza lawmakers they must back reforms and keep the country in the euro. “We are confronted with crucial decisions,” he said during a party meeting, according to officials. “We got a mandate to bring a better deal than the ultimatum that the Eurogroup gave us, but certainly not given a mandate to take Greece out of the eurozone,” he added. The “cap-in-hand capitulation” proposal offered by Tsipras is strikingly similar to the harsh austerity measures rejected on July 5 by 61 percent of voters. In addition to heavy VAT or value added taxation, the plan calls for “strong disincentives to early retirement, incur penalties for early withdrawals, make all supplementary pension funds financed by own contributions” and other measures. Zero Hedge noted on Thursday “the truth is that while making some concessions, the Greek proposal may still be insufficient for Merkel, and certainly won’t be sufficient for the IMF due to the lack of real pension cuts.”

Worse, Syriza will have to vote on this proposal tomorrow and explain to the people why nearly two thirds of them just voted No to a deal which the government itself is now hoping will pass. But worst of all, nowhere in the draft sent to creditors is there anything requesting or even hinting about Greek debt haircut, relief or even reprofiling. And all of this will happen as a massive Oxi demonstration takes place in front of government, so be on the lookout for a repeat appearance by the riotcam.

Greek Debt “Illegal, Illegitimate, and Odious”

Last month the Greek Truth Committee on Public Debt established by Zoi Konstantopoulou the speaker of the Greek parliament “came to the conclusion that Greece should not pay this debt because it is illegal, illegitimate, and odious.” Most of the loaned €245 did not stay in Greece. More than 90% went directly and immediately to Deutschebank, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase and other banks. Former Greek Labor and Social Security Minister and chair of the National Bank of Greece Louka Katseli said Greece actually spent a meager 3% of the $275 billion loaned by the banksters. For a full explanation of the swindle, see “The Troika Swindle: Greeks Owe Nothing” on

US military leaders call Russia ‘greatest threat’, demand more funding

The Marine Corps commandant thought to be taking over the Joint Chiefs of Staff told lawmakers Russia was the “greatest threat” to US national security, echoing claims made by Air Force’s civilian chief and the recently published US military strategy.

In a pre-confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Joseph Dunford called Russian actions “nothing short of alarming,” backed weapons deliveries to the Ukrainian government and warned that budget sequestration will hurt the US military’s capabilities.

“Russia presents the greatest threat to our national security,” Dunford said. “If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia.”

The Marine commandant’s statement comes just a day after US Air Force Secretary Deborah James told Reuters that she considered Russia “the biggest threat” to the US. James also said that NATO members should honor the promise they made to spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense, in order to combat the alleged threat from Moscow.

Dunford’s written testimony contained 15 mentions of the word “aggression” in reference to Russia, and almost as many mentions of the effects of sequestration on military budgets. …

Is it possible the pentagon brass doesn’t know the state dept has been funding coups to install anti-russian regimes in a ring around russia, or openly speaks of launching a pre-emptive nuclear attack on russia in which the west’s ABM bases will be used to intercept the russian response?

Is it possible the pentagon doesn’t know that the bankster’s plan is to wreck the united states in order to buy it out at distressed prices?

Russia is not a threat.  The enemy within, the secretive transnational cartel that controls the federal reserve, is the threat.

Army to consider hollow point bullets for new pistol

The Army is considering the use of expanding and fragmenting ammunition, such as hollow point bullets, to increase its next-generation handgun’s ability to stop an enemy.

This bit of news was revealed Tuesday, during the service’s fourth industry day for its Modular Handgun System.

After a recent legal review within the Pentagon, the Army can consider adopting “special purpose ammunition,” said Richard Jackson, special assistant to the Army Judge Advocate General for Law of War, according to an Army news release. This marks a departure from battlefield practices over a century old.

Jackson told Army Times that while this isn’t the first approved use of such bullets in the military, the stance represented “a significant re-interpretation of the legal standard” for ammunition. He also said a lot has changed since the initial movements against the round, especially with the increased prevalence of asymmetric warfare.

“There’s a myth that [expanding/fragmenting bullets] are prohibited in international armed conflict, but that doesn’t make any sense now,” Jackson said. …

It’s noteworthy that much of the ammo the domestic federal agencies have been buying is also hollow point, and that they lied and said it was for target practice, when hollow point is much more expensive than standard ammunition.

Superfake. Hyper-Realism Coming to an Event Near You

As real as the news you see on TV… Question everything.

Published on Oct 1, 2013

A large multi-year defense contract was just handed out to a Hollywood production company (studio) to produce hyper-realistic training scenarios for our soldiers. With that, of course, we can expect the quality of our upcoming false flag attacks to really improve. While no less damaging to freedom, at least they won’t be so obvious, it’s embarrassing (unless that’s what their shooting for)?