Censored: Operation Gladio: Full BBC Documentary

Before the complete lockdown of the Anglo-American news media, occasionally some good stuff made it to air.

Then it was made to disappear.

That’s the case with this video.

But someone recorded it off the TV (thank you VCRs!) and uploaded it to YouTube.

How long this important document will last is anyone’s guess, but this is the mother lode.

It shows how the CIA organized an army of terrorists from among right wingers and organized crime (often the same people) to stage false flag terror events through Europe (and the world) to undermine regimes it didn’t like.

Note: “Staged” violence does not mean that people don’t die. It means that the source of the violence is deliberately obscured. Hundreds of entirely innocent people were killed in these operations.

Anyone who thinks modern America is immune from this kind of sick double-dealing is living in a dream world.



Exposing American Obstetrics: Stories of Bullying and Battery

Lindsay, of Philadelphia, has spent two years in trauma therapy after giving birth in an environment that left her feeling powerless. She’s one of many women who speak out in the new series “Exposing the Silence.” (Photo: Lindsay Askins/Spot of Serendipity)

“His birth was not what it should’ve been or could’ve been,” said Liza, a 34-year-old New Yorker, her voice thick with regret. “But I didn’t feel like I had any control over it.” She nursed her 20-month-old son Reuben on a Harlem rooftop as she spoke, sun blazing down on them, sharing the upsetting story of her son’s birth as part of a unique cross-country documentary project called “Exposing the Silence,” now a striking photo-essay collection viewable online (including on Facebook and Instagram.)

STORY: Woman, Doctor Go to War Over Episiotomy

The project is the brainchild of Cristen Pascucci, a Kentucky-based birth advocate, and Lindsey Askins, a California doula and birth photographer, who are fresh off of a two-month cross-country road trip during which they invited 45 women in 20 cities (and 23 states) to come and share their stories.

STORY: Pregnant Doctor Shocked by C-Section Pressure

Along the way, the moms (who bravely traveled with their total of three small kids) set up shop in donated spaces — houses, offices, the Harlem rooftop — so they could interview and photograph the women. They’ve collected the 45 tales for the digital project, which, Pascucci and Askins say, is meant to illustrate an issue that many people don’t want to hear about: how the moment of giving birth can so often turn from joyous to traumatic, due to OB-GYNS and other professionals forcing a host of unwarranted medical interventions onto women, leaving them feeling bullied, defiled, and defeated. …