Vaccine Manufacturers are killing half a million people annually with deadly psychiatric drugs

Psychiatric medications are not only useless, but they’re responsible for killing at least 500,000 people aged 65 years and older every single year. This is the shocking conclusion of a new meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) that challenges the widely held belief that antidepressants and dementia drugs are safe and effective for treating mental health issues.

Researchers from Denmark’s Nordic Cochrane Centre broke the disturbing news after poring through loads of published data on this class of drugs and finding that virtually none of it is suggestive of either safety or efficacy. To the contrary, nearly every placebo-controlled trial used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in justifying the legal prescription of psych meds shows minimal or no benefits.

The paper revealed that virtually every randomized trial ever conducted that involved psych meds failed to properly evaluate the drugs’ effects in users. The “control” groups in these bogus studies, it turns out, were made up of folks who were previously taking other psychiatric drugs, rendering any and all findings moot. And yet these were the very studies that U.S. regulators used to approve such drugs as “safe and effective.” …

Lucky for their shareholders that liability for vaccine injuries is covered by the taxpayers.

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