Success: One-Third Of All Americans Are On The Edge Of Financial Ruin

I’m not kidding when I say “success”. The scam artists on wall street, including the shareholders of the non-federal non-reserve, placed a huge “put” on the USA years ago and then quite deliberately wrecked the economy, as they did during the great ripoff of the 1930s. And they’ll buy up everything when we’re desperate. This is their business model.

Contrary to all of the misleading propaganda spewing from the media, Wall Street and DC about a robust job market and an improving economy, the average American is living hand to mouth.  Of course, if they can’t find one of those make-believe jobs created by the Government statisticians, the taxpayer helps the average American live hand to mouth.


A study released today by showed that 70 million American adults do not have any emergency savings.  It’s the highest percentage in the 5-year history of the survey. …


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