Occupied USA: Military Explosions in Flint MI

A ten-day US Army urban military training exercise has begun in Flint, Michigan with explosions rocking neighborhoods and scaring residents who had no idea what was actually happening.

With less than three hours between a city press release and the beginning of the exercise, residents were left in the dark about the urban military training until the last possible moment. Most had no idea what was happening as their homes shook from the force of the simulated explosions.

“It was like a big huge explosion, it shook my whole house, it shook the ground.”


It has nothing to do with the planned implosion of the economy you see.   The interests that have devastated the united states from within have been arrested and charged with treason, fraud and murder.   The trillions of dollars in looted assets, cash and gold have been restored to the treasury.   The thousands of soldiers whose lives have been wrecked in the fraudulent war on terror have new homes paid for by zero percent century loans provided by the newly federalized federal reserve.   Likewise for the millions of families put on the street in the mortgage derivative scam.  Russia and China are relieved they won’t have to fight WWIII.

Maybe someday, hopefully soon.

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