False flag pending for Washington?

Robert Tosh Plumlee is a long-time contractor for various alphabet soup agencies connected to the military.   Washington would be the logical target for anyone intending to implement martial law, it appears the capitol building was one of the targets on 9/11 but luckily that was aborted after the crash in PA.   If it had been successful we would already be under martial law and then some.  Anyway, just relaying info:

NOTICE: I just received a notice (10:37am DMT) from a very sensitive military Intelligence source connected to NATO who thought I was still in the Washington DC. area.
His advise was for me and my “friends” to clear out of the DC area. Something is up in DC. If anyone has any valid and vetted information please post on this page. I post this only for “Before the Fact” information in case something is about to go down in the DC area.
I will advise if I receive any more additional information. Also I was told yesterday when I was attempting to vet various information, in reference to Secretary of State, Senator Kerry, that some key personal in government have been move to safe places and that a communications blackout might be encountered. I was told by this sensitive source connected to INTELL , to be very careful in public places in the DC area for the next few days…. nothing more than that.
Be Safe my friends. Something is up, but I have no idea what it is… any information would be appreciated.. no speculations or weird comments are solicited… just facts please. If additional factual information comes my way, I will forward on this page.

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