Wayne Madsen Interview on NSA, JFK, 9/11 and Fascism in the USA

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Among the illegal activities that the NSA is currently engaged in on the internet is site jamming. According to 12 year NSA veteran Wayne Madsen the NSA is also actively spying on NGOs and human rights organizations as the attempt to monitor every type of communication that exists all over the world. Joining the NSA and their SIGINT alliance called FVEY are another 35 countries that routinely allow the NSA to access their networks and assist the NSA in spying on their own citizens. Surprisingly one of these countries is Germany which was recently surprised and outraged that the NSA was spying on Chancellor Angela Merkel. During the interview with John Robles, Mr. Madsen also had the chance to defend himself after a vicious attack from US neo-conservatives caused an interview he gave to the UK Observer to be pulled because Mr. Madsen was critical of Obama.

Approximately a decade ago the US NSA did not exist and the acronym was said to stand for “No Such Agency”, that has all changed and we know now that every time we do anything electronically, no matter where we are in the world, whether it be going on-line, paying for something electronically or using our cell phones the NSA is most likely recording everything we do. An ex-member of the NSA named Wayne Madsen spoke to the Voice of Russia and gave us some details about the inner workings of NSA. Mr. Madsen reveals that the NSA has had relationships with not only US allies but with countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China.

Staged suicides, demonization and set ups are just part of the way that CIA and those responsible for 9-11 continue to cover their tracks. In an interview with the Voice of Russia ex-NSA analyst Wayne Madsen discusses the staged suicide of the late 9-11 author and pilot Philip Marshal and the ties of the Bush family to the CIA and 9-11. Mr. Madsen connects the dots of all of the facts in a way that no one else can and the result is a damning picture of an out of control government run by an illegal and criminal network of evil-doers who will stop at nothing to protect themselves and their amassed power and wealth. From ties to Nazi gold, and a family fortune based on it to positions in the CIA, Madsen details some of the connections that the Bush clan has with the introduction of American fascism.

A former pilot who had admitting to working for the CIA in the Iran Contra affair and had written several books investigating the events of 9-11, was found dead along with his children in what many are calling a Black Operations hit, including former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne Madsen. In an interview with the Voice of Russia’s John Robles Mr. Madsen says the author was working on his fourth book which he said would expose information that would be a bombshell and blow 9-11 wide open. The author had been told that the key to solving 9-11 was at the “Boneyard” (the Marana Air Field) in the US state of Arizona.

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