Washington Post Sez Osama bin Laden was a Conspiracy Theorist

… Bin Laden’s library was the equivalent of an Internet conspiracy theorist’s browser history. There was a print out of a weird articleabout a card game that was said to have predicted the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. He had an e-book about voter fraud conspiracies from BlackBoxVoting.org. He had books documenting the fringes of American politics. He had a 1928 book called “The Secret Teaching of All Ages” that details various aspects of forgotten religions and the occult; he had a book unveiling “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.” And, like a rebellious teenager, he checked out the official government material on MK ULTRA, the CIA’s mind control efforts during the Cold War. …

Combing through the list is fascinating in the same way that it’s interesting to go to a garage sale. You can come to a lot of conclusions about a person by looking at what they own, conclusions that may be correct or not. In this case, our information about the owner of the books is backed up by knowing who he was in the rest of his life. The guy seems like an anti-American conspiracy nut — only fitting for a guy who conspired against America. But also he seems kind of sad, not in a way to inspire empathy, but in a way that would inspire pathos.

This is what an aristocracy looks like.    Gangsters who aren’t used to having their lies questioned.   Who resort to thinly disguised threats and bullying when their customary victims begin to tire of being exploited and abused.    But their imperial arrogance is only a show. Beneath it is sheer terror as they contemplate how far they’re going to fall.

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