The Trojan Horse President

I am not an economist, not even close, but Joseph Stiglitz is. Stiglitz is actually a Nobel Prize winning economist, former Chair of President Clinton’s Council of Economic Advisers, and former chief economist for the World Bank. Joseph Stiglitz is positively terrified of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal being pushed rabidly by President Obama. Because he is, I am also frightened by what this “deal” portends. …

At the core of this Nobel Laureate’s argument against the TPP deal is the simple fact that legal authority – basic, bedrock legal authority – would be transferred from the sovereign courts of the United States to multinational corporations if this “deal” comes to pass. Note well, also, this statement from Stiglitz: “Though corporations can bring suit, others cannot. If there is a violation of other commitments – on labor and environmental standards, for example – citizens, unions, and civil-society groups have no recourse.”

That is utterly intolerable, and it’s what the president wants. …

Yay!  The spell is wearing off!   Yes it’s true, goldman sachs can hire black presidents as well as white presidents.  They can even hire female presidents.   And  all this sock puppeted distraction will continue until people start following the issues instead of the personalities.

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