The Heart of the Matter: The Central Banking Cartel is Waging Wars to Prevent the Rise of State-Owned Central Banks

Earlier in May, 2015, I wrote an article detailing the fact that the fledgling Donetsk People’s Republic, under fire from Western-backed Kiev fascists and economic hardship resulting from warfare and blockade, has taken the extraordinary step of nationalizing its banks and beginning the process of using those nationalized banks for the benefit of the people of the DPR.

As one might suspect, such a move has drawn the ire of the Western banking cartels and NATO governments.

While the DPR was not faced with a privatized central bank such as the United States and other nations due to the fact that DPR is a breakaway bloc and a new nation separated from the Kiev central bank, it was nonetheless host to a number of larger banking institutions that not only parasitized the people of DPR and Ukraine but did nothing to improve the infrastructure of these areas or the living standards of the people there.

It is thus no surprise that the West has been so fanatical in its psychotic push to destroy the DPR and reunite it with fascists and Neo-Nazis submissively working under the umbrella of privatized international banks in Kiev. Like the DPR’s predecessors who have had the foresight to nationalize or operate national banks – Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea – the DPR is now finding itself in the crosshairs of the NATO war machine.

Indeed, while vast oil reserves, oil pipelines, opium fields,[1]strategic positioning, no-bid contracts for the defense industry and military-industrial complex, mineral deposits, and geopolitical concerns are all known reasons for American military adventures overseas, the goal of total domination of the world by the privatized private banking cartel complete with central banks, cannot be overlooked.

Thus, as I have established in my own work such as my article “State-Owned Central Banks Are The Real Target For West’s Imperial Wars,” the world banking cartel and the governments which they operate through, are not only diametrically opposed to the practice of National Banking but they are willing to commit entire nations to wars and even world wars to establish hegemony across the globe. ….

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