NSA Dragnet Started Before 9/11 “Justification”

Which came first, the “problem” or the “solution”?   Yet another nail in the coffin of the 9/11 hoax.   When enough government bureaucrats and media bots are engaged in high treason, is it still high treason?   I guess it depends on whether the words “treason” or “loyalty” have any meaning to you.   If you still wonder whether 9/11 was a false flag, look at the first set of links in the reference section.

It has been well-documented that the government conducted mass surveillance on Americans before 9/11.

Now Diane Roark – the congressional staffer in charge of overseeing the NSA for the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee – says that NSA’s mass surveillance started by  1999 or earlier … but NSA hid it from Congress:

Roark: Program started no later than 1999 and was hidden from Congress. Was a program looking for an excuse.


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