Mockingbird Media’s Preemptive Attack on Stone’s “JFK” Film

Here’s an oldie but goodie:

“Who Killed JFK? The Media Whitewash”
By Carl Oglesby

Oliver Stone’s current film-in-progress, “JFK,” dealing with
the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, is still months
from theaters, but already the project has been sharply attacked by journalists who ordinarily could not care less what Hollywood has to say about such great events as the Dealey Plaza shooting of November 22, 1963.

The attack on Stone has enlisted (at least) the _Boston_
_Globe_ (editorial), the _Boston_Herald_, the _Washington_
_Post_, the _Chicago_Tribune_, and _Time_ magazine, and
several other outlets were known to have been prowling the “JFK” set for angles. The intensity of this interest contrasts sharply with 1979, when the House Assassinations Committee published its finding of probable conspiracy in the JFK assassination, and the mass media reacted with one day of headlines and then a long, bored yawn.

How are we to understand this strange inconsistency? It is,
of course, dangerous to attack the official report of a congressional committee; better to let it die a silent death. But
a Hollywood film cannot be ignored; a major production by a leading director must be discredited, and if it can be done before the film is even made, so much the better. ….

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