Medical Cartel Cracks Down on California Midwife

Yelena Kolodji is an RN and CNM (certified nurse midwife) in solo practice who has specialized in home birth in the south bay area for decades, and has attended over 1500 births. She is being prosecuted by the BRN (Board of Registered Nursing) for practicing home birth midwifery without physician supervision, which is virtually unattainable for California homebirth Nurse Midwives. This prosecution originated from a complaint filed by a disgruntled client to the BRN.  This prosecution is NOT about substandard care by this midwife – it is just about an unattainable regulation that CNMs have been trying for over twenty years to change.

Yelena’s story:
“I was asked to back up a colleague, also a CNM, on Christmas 2008, because she had a hospital birth happening at the same time as one of her home birth clients. I was able to go and assist. She made it back for the delivery, and I chose to stay through the delivery and first two hours postpartum. I left two hours after the baby’s delivery, never to see or communicate with the family again. Mother and baby were completely stable when I left. This was not my client (patient), and I did nothing other than listen to baby’s heart tones and give comfort measures.

Unfortunately the following morning the mother passed out while on the toilet. Kavita Noble, their midwife, was notified and met them at the nearby hospital. The Mother was stable and returned home some hours later. About a year after the birth the mother sent a complaint letter to the BRN (Board of Registered Nursing), our licensing board. The complaint was found to be without merit re: nursing standard of care issues. However, in the course of the investigation, other general supervision/standardized procedures issues arose.

What followed was a 5 day court hearing under the jurisdiction of administrative law in Feb, 2014. The judge appointed by the BRN gave a fairly reasonable decision, which the BRN agreed to, only to later effectively rescind the agreement, which was to allow Kavita and myself to continue our home birth practices. They also have forbidden us to work home births in any capacity until this is settled, and they won’t settle. Kavita has since worked hospital births. …

Birth is a cash cow for medicine, both in expensive and traumatizing interventions and in ensuring future cash flows for health problems related to circumcision, lack of breast feeding, maternal post traumatic stress and depression (i.e. post-partum-depression) child PTS and D, toxic vaccines etc etc etc.    Of  course everyone’s doctor is a saint and yet somehow the damage continues.

All women and midwives are asking for is access to medical care in the unlikely event that it’s needed.   Medicine’s position on the other hand is all or nothing.   If you won’t submit, you’re on your own.   As if there are no downsides to standard obstetrical “care”.

See my “munchausen obstetrics” writeup above.

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