Economy Slowing from Recession to Depression

Economist John Williams says forget about the so-called recovery, we are headed for recession. Williams contends, “They’ll have a downside revision to this 1st quarter estimate that will take it negative. What we are seeing now is that the outlook for the second quarter is not only weak, but it is also going to turn negative. Two contracting consecutive quarters of GDP give you a recession. So, we have an outlook for recession. This is an economy that I’ll contend that never recovered, and now we are in a new recession . . . in a grand economic contraction. It’s an ongoing economic downturn that we entered into way back in 2005. This is something close to a depression.”…

Just a terrible mistake.  It’s not like the owners of the federal reserve have a motivation for wrecking the US economy as they’ve done predictably, repeatedly, habitually, reliably ad nauseum etc etc etc for decades in the “3rd world”.  Why do you think it’s called the 3rd world?  “Our” foreign policy is coming home. It’s just good business.

I don’t get why Williams and so many other economists don’t understand the motivation here. Even Milton Friedman seems clueless on this subject.

Holy cow people, isn’t it maybe time to start asking questions here?   Monetary and trade policy is not rocket science. Do you really want to trade a couple more years of comfortable sedation in exchange for hell on earth, complete with death squads, torture and physical brainwashing in a high tech social control framework?  We’re not dealing with people here, we’re dealing with a highly toxic social parasite composed of people.  Empathy has nothing to do with it.

John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

Naomi Klein, author of “The Shock Doctrine”

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