California Senate passes mandatory vaccination law

The Golden State just inched one step closer towards full medical tyranny after the State Senate, heavily influenced by Merck prostitute Senator Richard Pan, overwhelmingly voted in favor of passing Senate Bill 277 to eliminate personal belief exemptions for vaccines.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that S.B. 277 received “overwhelming approval” in the State Senate, and will now move on to the California Assembly for consideration, despite massive opposition from California parents. If passed by the Assembly, the bill is expected to be signed into law not long after, subjecting millions of California school children to forced vaccinations against the will of their parents.

“Vaccines are necessary to protect us,” stated disingenuous Senators Richard Pan of Sacramento and Ben Allen of Santa Monica, the two sellouts responsible for spearheading the bill, which passed 25-10. “That protection has been eroding. The science is clear: vaccines are safe and efficacious.”

And there you have it, folks — if Sen. Pan, who was recently exposed for accepting bribes from Merck & Co., purveyor of Gardasil and a host of other deadly vaccines, says vaccine jabs are good for you, then they must be! His support for S.B. 277 couldn’t possibly have anything to do with being on the vaccine industry’s gravy train, right?

It’s a sad testament to the state of “civil service” in our country when sleazy politicians on the special interest dole can get away with making unsubstantiated and flat-out false statements like “vaccines are safe and efficacious,” while thousands of children continue to suffer excruciating illness as a result of vaccine damage. ….

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