WHO Caught Again in Covert Sterilization Campaign

A Kenyan government vaccination campaign, sponsored and funded by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, amounted to a huge human rights violation, said the Kenyan bishops.

They said the government owes women and children an apology after test founds that the vaccine used during the nationwide tetanus campaign in 2014 was laced with beta human chorionic gonadotropin, or beta hCG, which can lead to miscarriages or sterility.

The report also said that “no further vaccination campaign should be undertaken in this country without an all-inclusive sampling and testing exercise done before, during and after the vaccination campaign.”

It said the Kenyan Ministry of Health must stop trusting foreign agencies, including the World Health Organization and UNICEF, to secure the safely of Kenyans.

During the vaccination campaign, the Kenyan bishops questioned why it was aimed at women between the ages of 14-59 and also why the government was conducting this campaign when the bishops were not aware of a nationwide tetanus crisis. They said they became suspicious because tetanus campaigns in places like Mexico, Nicaragua and Philippines also had been found to contain beta hCG.

The bishops noted that beta hCG occurs naturally during pregnancy but, when injected with a vaccine like tetanus, it becomes an antigen and stimulates antibodies, which can lead to miscarriages or sterility.

“When sterility is induced in any woman, without her knowledge and/or consent, it amounts to a monumental human rights abuse,” said a Feb. 13 statement signed by Bishop Paul Kariuki Njiru of Embu, head of the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya. “This is the highest violation of the sovereignty of any country, as it is a direct attack on the survival of a people and, therefore, national security.”

Kenyan doctors who conducted tests on vials of the vaccine were at the news conference at which the bishops released their reports, which the government has refused to acknowledge. The tests showed that 30 percent of the vials collected during the tetanus vaccination campaign contained Beta HCG.


CDC Lying About Safety of Tetanus Vaccine in Pregnancy

Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with ‘radioactive’ particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology

The United States Military conducted top secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years, exposing them to radioactive compounds, a researcher has claimed.

While it was known that the government sprayed ‘harmless’ zinc cadmium silfide particles over the general population in St Louis, Professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociologist at St. Louis Community College, claims that a radioactive additive was also mixed with the compound.

She has accrued detailed descriptions as well as photographs of the spraying which exposed the unwitting public, predominantly in low-income and minority communities, to radioactive particles.

Read Martino-Taylor’s University of Missouri at Columbia PhD thesis here. “This piece analyzes a covert Manhattan Project spin-off organization referred to here as the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition, and an obscure aerosol study in St. Louis, Missouri, conducted under contract by the U.S. military from 1953–1954, and 1963–1965.” It contains many references at the bottom.

After reading this, watch this well-researched movie about “Chemtrails”, which are being sprayed nearly everywhere, on a day-to-day basis, with an emphasis on aluminum, barium and strontium.

Documents to remain sealed in Boston bombing case

Even after 15 days of testimony by 96 witnesses and thousands of news reports, there’s still plenty the public doesn’t know about the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

And that’s how the judge in the case wants it.

Acting on lawyers’ motions in the case, U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole has sealed filing after filing.

As of today, the Tsarnaev docket includes the words “seal” or “sealed” a total of 878 times. Compare that to the federal docket in U.S. v. James “Whitey” Bulger, in which the same words show up only 24 times.

“It’s an epidemic of secrecy when transparency should be the presumption,” said Jay Carney, who represented Bulger.

Katie Townsend, litigation director for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said the volume of sealed documents in the Tsarnaev case is “especially unusual because of how much information is in the public sphere.”

“It’s very puzzling to see how much information is being sealed and kept from the public here,” Townsend said.

What’s being kept secret?

We don’t even know what we don’t know….


Maybe details like this:





Californians Paint their Brown Crunchy Lawns Green

California’s green living delusion is collapsing by the day. As the drought worsens, and lawns everywhere have turned to crispy brown dead zones, desperate residents are hiring companies to spray paint their lawns green.

As the Daily Mail reports:

As California is mired by its fourth year of drought, one industry has sprouted up from the seemingly endless dry spell.

In an effort to brighten up dry and unsightly lawns, some landscapers have been offering the innovative solution of painting lawns green.

LawnLift… is now a leading provider of lawn paint for homeowners, hoteliers, wedding planners and others who want to change the look of their drought-stricken grass.


Again, why is no one asking the military for some cloud seeding?   It’s implausible that there’s not enough humid air coming off the ocean to make it work.   They’ve been using weather modification for decades, even back in the vietnam war.   Must we continue to pretend that nothing can be done?

KPFA Censors Vaccine Show on Guns and Butter

On May 6th Gary Null was scheduled to appear on Bonnie Faulkner’s program Guns and Butter, regularly broadcast over the Pacifica Network’s flagship station KPFA in Berkeley CA. He was scheduled for the full hour to speak on vaccine efficacy and safety, and address issues concerning the California vaccine bills. The station censored Faulkner from doing the broadcast, Null’s producer and assistant Richard Gage reports. This is the first time Guns and Butter has been censored in 11 years.

The program is syndicated and airs on other land stations around the nation, and is particularly popular in California. KPFA and other Pacifica stations pride themselves in being the last bastions of free-speech and commercial free broadcasting in the nation. In fact, Null himself has hosts a daily program, The Gary Null Show, on New York City Pacifica affiliate, WBAI.

Yet the network has become increasingly controlled by ideologues with political agendas trumping the public interests it claims to champion. Anyone who wishes to file complaints to KPFA management and express the station’s disservice to California residents may do so by sending a brief email to either the general manager Quincy McCoy gm@kpfa.org or better yet the station manager Laura Prives who was responsible for banning the broadcast, at pd@kpfa.org . …


Banksters Orchestrate UN Global Salvation Campaign

Of course the globe does need salvation, from the very interests that control the UN.

The UN plans to launch a brand new plan for managing the entire globe at the Sustainable Development Summit that it will be hosting from September 25th to September 27th.  Some of the biggest names on the planet, including Pope Francis, will be speaking at this summit.  This new sustainable agenda focuses on climate change of course, but it also specifically addresses topics such as economics, agriculture, education and gender equality.  For those wishing to expand the scope of “global governance”, sustainable development is the perfect umbrella because just about all human activity affects the environment in some way.  The phrase “for the good of the planet” can be used as an excuse to micromanage virtually every aspect of our lives.  So for those that are concerned about the growing power of the United Nations, this summit in September is something to keep an eye on.  Never before have I seen such an effort to promote a UN summit on the environment, and this new sustainable development agenda is literally a framework for managing the entire globe.

If you are not familiar with this new sustainable development agenda, the following is what the official United Nations website says about it…

The United Nations is now in the process of defining Sustainable Development Goals as part a new sustainable development agenda that must finish the job and leave no one behind. This agenda, to be launched at the Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, is currently being discussed at the UN General Assembly, where Member States and civil society are making contributions to the agenda.

The process of arriving at the post 2015 development agenda is Member State-led with broad participation from Major Groups and other civil society stakeholders. There have been numerous inputs to the agenda, notably a set of Sustainable Development Goals proposed by an open working group of the General Assembly, the report of an intergovernmental committee of experts on sustainable development financing, General Assembly dialogues on technology facilitation and many others. …


Remember, no matter how cynical you are, it’s not cynical enough.

Boston Bombing Trial: Fake Government & Fake Media Put on a Show

The biggest problem with the propaganda issuing from the american fascist coup-in-progress is that you have to be asleep, in entertainment suspension-of-disbelief mode or a complete idiot to believe it.  It’s an insult to the audience’s intelligence.   They can’t get their coverups in place fast enough, they can’t get the stories straight, they can’t keep real reporters from asking real questions, and they can’t keep real  history a secret any more, such as the government’s involvement in the coverup (and by implication the actual assassination) in the murder of JFK.   (see JFK: An Unsolved Murder documentary)   For those who need a little prompting, the latter event and its ongoing successful coverup implies that we no longer have a national government, only a zombie puppet pretending to be one.  Many in government don’t realize that of course, just as much of the public hasn’t put it together.   But belief in the essential benevolence of this massively armed monster doesn’t make it so.   Check out the links about US-sponsored mass murder and torture in latin america in the reference section if you need a wakeup call.

In any case, here’s the latest installment in the ongoing self-parody.

Today, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death on some counts, including “the use of a weapon of mass destruction (pressure cooker bomb #2) resulting in death” and “destruction of property by means of an explosive (pressure cooker bomb #2), resulting in death,” The Guardian reports.

Global Research invites you to take a moment to look at some of the best articles published on the Boston Marathon Bombing and the Tsarnaev brothers, all of which reveal lies, anomalies and inconsistencies in the official story. …


For a sampling of the physical evidence, just do a search on this site.