New Mexico Lawmakers Join Growing List of States Protecting Children From Forced Psychiatric Drugging

New Mexico took a big step toward protecting children’s and parents’ rights when, last week, Governor Susana Martinez signed into law a bill ensuring that a parent’s decision not to administer psychotropic drugs to a child is not grounds for a child being removed from parental custody by Child Protective Services (CPS).

And the legislation goes deeper. House Bill 53, sponsored by State Rep. Nora Espinoza, also restricts school personnel from taking any action against the parent or compelling or requiring any student to take a psychotropic drug and, further, requires parental written consent prior to any psychological screening….

I’ve heard that the CCHR is or was connected with scientology, which is some kind of bizarre cult with an intelligence overlay.   But all I know is they’re one of the few groups pointing out the psychiatric emperor’s nakedness.  And the author of this article (Kelly Patricia O’Meara) has done stellar work in this regard for years.

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